This site is developed as a resource for Kangen Water interested people by an independent distributor. You may find some valuable information here that will allow you to grow your belief level in Enagic's products. They are considered the Gold Standard (Mercedes Benz) of the industry. We understand there are other competitors flocking the industry because they are seeing the value of what Enagic has created over 3 decades. Realize this isn't a new fad, or a new company. We've done our research and documentation beats conversation all day long. If the other machines aren't ISO certified, have Medical Device certifications, have over 30 years of building just Ionized Machines, we recommend you save your money. With that said, the water is free to try and we have locations all over the world where you can grab this water. If you're in the US, 1 out of 18,000 families owns a machine. Therefore, there is opportunity for you to share the water with those less fortunate.

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