Hinkley Community Meeting on Poison Water – Dec 1

Here's an email I just received from my rep out in Hinkley, CA. I'm proud of Lyn for standing up and making a change for a town that deserves more than being poisoned by their water. If you're not familiar with Hinkley, CA,  go watch the movie Erin Brockovich.
Hi Cesar,

A little update on the water situation.  PG&E continues to pretend to operate at the behest of the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control people, all of which truly and demonstrably operate under the thumb of the ever present lawyers running around these annual meetings to whisper in the staff people's ears re: what they can and cannot say to the citizens - yes, this was observed first hand last Wednesday night!

Some people came to learn about all the new maps and lines and where their homes are at, asking about contamination issues, PG&E containment strategies and cleanup prospects after this issue has remained for almost 60 years since the polluting has first officially begun.  They quit polluting the groundwater with Chr6 use in about 1966 and the first lawsuit was settled under arbitrators in about 1996.  The movie, it appears, was a charade, as does the settlement.

In truth, PG&E continues to quietly buy up citizens properties instead of making real progress on cleanup. It's still spreading.  The underlying purpose of the company seems to be at this point to buy up all of Hinkley for future unannounced plans without having to pay the normal commercial price for land, and thus avoid the normal emminent domain legal fights and fees.
Hinkley is still essentially disappearing.  This is not the norm with contaminated communities in other parts of the state or nation.

My take is now as follows:
1] Start my own collection of Kangen water testimonies
2] Continue handing out water/DVDs to all who hear and desire it.
3] Provide a completely new alternative to people of Hinkley who wish to stay on the basis of changing Hinkley water into something that it never was before - the best water known to man.
4] See the church in Hinkley grow as an agent of the power of God for good to the many sick people of our area. (just don't tell the church board!  🙂  )

I gave out about 2 dozen flyers, including 1 to the first litigant Robert Walker who took one for Erin Brockovich.  I have yet to hear from anyone.  A lot of people came to the meeting to find out how soon PG&E would make offers on their place so they could leave.  No mention about where they were headed.  Since the meeting, I have encouraged my boss to drink more water and direct people to me regarding the water. Also, three different households from church I talked to this weekend each now have the water to try.  Each of them have severe medical issues, Crohn's, diabetes, organ failure; the miracles continue to take shape.

In the Lord's service, Lyn
If you know anyone by the town of Hinkley, CA click on the location map to the right and you will find access to Lyn or his wife Carrie.

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