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What They Say About Kangen Water Malaysia

Dr. Hiromi Shinya

Chief of Surgical Endoscopy Unit, Beth Israel Medical Center

Clinical Professor of Surgery, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“I have a Kangen water machine in my New York medical office, and this is the water I drink and give to my patients”

Dr. Horst Filtzer

Vascular Surgeon

Director of the Wound Care Center in Western Arizona Regional Medical Center

“I endorse Kangen Water as a physician, as a surgeon, as a human being, 100%. I feel that it is of great benefit to all mankind.”

Video Summary Of Kangen Water Malaysia

The Kangen Water Malaysia initiative was first founded by Kangen Water Systems to promote awareness about the miracle waters founded in this machine. Besides its health benefits, the device can be used as to:

  • So-called "beauty water" can be used to rejuvenate the skin and return it to balance
  • Sanitise surfaces, fruits & vegetables
  • Remove organic oil-based pesticides from produce

Kangen Water Malaysia is one of the most qualified water devices out there

Cert1 kangen water malaysia kangen water malaysia alkaline water malaysia

...and the list goes on. As far as alkaline ionised water goes, Kangen Water Malaysia has it pat down. A Wellness Perspective is dedicated to bringing only the best of the best to your attention.


3 Characteristics Of Kangen Water Malaysia


kangen water malaysia

A Nobel Laureate. He discovered the real cause of cancer in 1923. In his work The Metabolism of Tumours he demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: ACIDOSIS and HYPOXIA (lack of oxygen).

Cancer cells are acidic. Healthy Cells are alkaline.


kangen water malaysia

Anti-oxidants are important and play a key role in fighting free radicals & acidity which cause sickness and disease. According to Dr. Richard Cutler, former director of the National Institute of Aging,

"The amount of anti-oxidants in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live."

Kangen Water has antioxidant properties due to its ionisation


Kangen Water Malaysia

Micro clustering means our alkaline ionised water molecules are clustered smaller which improves the rate at which they permeate the body. This also means you feel less bloated after every cupful and enhances the absorption of nutrients!



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Maria is in severe pain and can't even smile. This is the first day Kangen water was introduced to her. She washed her face with the acid water, Beauty water and drank alkaline water every day.



Kangen Water Price Malaysia

After 3 months, this is her photo. In an effort to do our part, we provided her water for free and these are the results that speak for themselves.

Psoriasis Over 6 Months

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Breaking News: Enagic® Has Been Awarded the Gold Seal Certification by the Water Quality Association!

Kangen Water

Breaking News:

Enagic® Has Been Awarded the Gold Seal Certification by the

Water Quality Association!

WQA Seal

Have You Heard?

The delicious alkaline Kangen Water® you enjoy drinking every day is now certified by the Water Quality Association!

WQA is the international "Mark of Product Quality"and is recognized around the world as the leading certification of water excellence. The Gold Seal Certification from WQA is awarded to the most reliable and trusted producers of quality drinking water.

Enagic® USA is now the ONLY water ionizer manufacturer on the market to receive the Gold Seal Certification!

This is why Enagic® is known as the "Gold Standard" in water ionization. No competitors can compare with the honest, dependable quality of Enagic® machines. You can always TRUST ENAGIC® to provide healthful, clean, ionized, and alkaline Kangen Water® for optimal hydration. Yet again, Enagic® blows the competition out of the water!

Spread the Good News

SD501 Platinum

Everyone drinks water, so shouldn't they be drinking "tested and certified" water? Families, commercial business owners, schools, doctors...they ALL need healthy water and they ALL need a WQA-certified Enagic® machine to generate Kangen Water®!

It's impossible to not get EXCITED about the Gold Seal Certification for Enagic®. The WQA has validated what we've known all along: Enagic® delivers unparalleled, premium quality ionized water.

For more information on WQA certification, visit www.wqa.org.



Change Your Water - Change Your Life!?

Kangen Water!

How Much


Do You Need Every Day

To Stay As Healthy As Possible?

Did you know that your body needs to be about 70 to 75% WATER in order to attain and maintain your best health possible?

Did you know that up to 98% of Americans experience some dehydration on a regular basis, and that over 70% are CHRONICALLY DEHYDRATED?
It's true, and this ignorant and irresponsible way of life is affecting each and every one of us in some way. Either you got sick needlessly, or someone you know is suffering from some sort of very preventable illness or affliction, or you and I are paying for it in HUGE healthcare insurance fees or taxes to support those who go to our public health facilities without having any insurance coverage.
Luckily - there is a VERY simple answer, and that is to HYDRATE yourself by drinking water - and lots of it! I have included an article I read today that should show you how important it is to get and stay hydrated - and let you know how much water you need to be drinking every day just to maintain what your body uses and eliminates every day?
By the way, soft drinks, coffee, tea and other popular beverages do NOT hydrate you at the cellular level - in fact most of them will DEHYDRATE you, especially if they contain caffiene. Even bottled and tap water do not do a very good job anymore, as we have altered the structure and size of the H2O clusters, making them much harder to absorb than God ever intended. But, I have an answer for you if you're interested, and I give it away to prove how well it works!!
Here is the article in its entirety...

How Much Water Should You Drink Each day?

This is one of those questions where many experts have a difficult time coming to an agreement over the answer. We have all heard the rule, "8 - 8 oz. glasses of water each day", also known as the 8 x 8 rule.

According to the Mayo Clinic, doctors generally recommend 8 or 9 cups, a total of 72 ounces, per day. But, is this really enough or appropriate for everyone? The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to water consumption. There are several factors which determine how much water you will need each day.

Water used by the body

The body uses water to help regulate body temperature and aid in metabolic processes.

It also helps flush waste from the body and is used to assimilate many vital nutrients. 90 percent of our blood is water, and our body as a whole is about two-thirds water

As water is spent by the body, waste is excreted by the kidneys, and through perspiration.

Men verses women

Because men and women generally differ in both size and metabolic activity, men typically need more water than women on a daily basis.

The National Institutes of Health recommends men drink at least 3 liters or 13 cups of water each day.

Women require less at 9 cups, or a little more than 2 liters daily. Women also require nearly one and a half times the minimum amount when breastfeeding.

Activity level

Your body will spend a minimum of 6.3 cups just to maintain normal function and temperature. It is lost through breath, sweat and urine. Another 4 cups will be lost through the excretory system.

However, the more activity you participate in, the more water is used and then lost by the body. Of note, although your activity level is decreased during times of illness, you should actually consume even more water to prevent dehydration and help the healing process.

How much do I need?

A better rule of thumb is one that is supported by many natural health professionals, and is customizable to each individual. That is, you should consume at least half your body weight in ounces each day.

For example, a 120 lbs. female requires roughly 60 ounces of water, or about 3 sport bottles worth daily. A 190 lbs. man would need at least 80 oz. of water each day.

As activity levels increase, so should the amount of water consumed. It is important to calculate your own minimum daily requirements and find ways to incorporate more water into your daily routine.


Other factors which may influence water intake include age, weight and medications which may cause dehydration. Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and soda can also be dehydrating.

The most important thing to consider is to pay attention to your body's signals. If you feel thirsty, drink water.

If you experience any signs of dehydration, such as dizziness or headaches, increase your water intake. Avoid non-hydrating drinks like alcohol and coffee as much as possible, especially during warmer weather. If you experience severe dehydration or heat stroke, seek medical attention.

Source: http://www.altmedicinezone.com

My personal advice (based on over two years of working in this industry and observing hundreds of people of all ages and sizes and states of health) is to drink AT LEAST one ounce of water for every two pounds you weigh every day, and if you are trying to get rid of some sort of a health problem - drink ONE OUNCE PER POUND you weigh every day!

Finally - make sure the water you drink is Kangen Water - the world's healthiest water - and to make it as easy as possible for you to do so - I GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE!! Call me or email me if you're ready to give it a try!

I hope this helps. Chronic dehydration is probably costing you and me tens (or even hundreds) of billions of dollars in additional health care expenses and lost productivity each year, and quite frankly - we just cannot afford it any more!
Please share this information and my contact information with anyone you think can benefit from better hydration - and better health! And have a cool, healthy, hydrated summer!
Cesar Ramirez
(951)) 260-2525

Kangen Water™ Cost Comparison

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Quote:

“We generally pay much less for our drinking water than we do for most other goods and services…On average, tap water costs are slightly more than $2 per 1,000 gallons…Each of us, on average, uses over 100 gallons of water per day for everything from drinking and bathing to watering our gardens...This equates to an average annual water bill of about $300 per household…”

The 15 year Kangen Water™ information is based on the Enagic SD501, with a retail price of $3980.00. It also includes the cost of a high-grade filter, replaced annually; e-cleaner for a normal year's cleaning, 5 cleaning services, once every 3 years, performed by Enagic Technicians and the average cost of tap water, as indicated by the U.S. EPA, at the rate of $.002 per gallon.

Kangen Water vs Bottled Water Chart

NOTE: Figures were calculated based on a family of four, using a recommended daily water consumption formula of ½ the body weight of each individual in ounces of water. Father – 190 lbs, Mother – 160 lbs, 13 year old son – 100 lbs, 10 year old daughter – 75 lbs. Weights based on National Center for Health Statistics for average weights of individuals living in the United States. This family should consume 262.5 ounces, or 2.05 gallons, of water each day. The calculations above have been figured using 2 gallons of daily consumption.

Daniel Dimacale Training in Torrance, CA – 4.25.2011


Recorded live while taking some notes at Kangen Training with Daniel Dimacale on April 24th, 2011. Well worth the listen to build your Kangen business strong. Feel free to share the link above with your team. You can click on full-screen above and I recommend using some headphones to really focus on the material. If you missed the event, this is the closest it comes to the real thing. I encourage you to take your own notes as you listen, for this will allow you to grasp the concepts at a deeper level. Be a sponge.

Enjoy and please share this content by clicking like on the Facebook button.

Enjoy Team.

Cesar R.


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Daniel Dimacale – Answers for a thirsty world 2


Daniel is awesome. He is a straight out presenter with excellent speaking skills that allows him to connect with his audience in a real way. He squashes a lot of the concerns in the beginning of his presentation and I admire his talents. If you like this video and are inspired, please purchase a copy of the DVD off his site. Share the link at the top with your friends on Facebook so they can get informed on the power of Kangen Water.

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Alkaline & Acidic Foods

Alkaline & Acidic Foods

Click Image for More

What You Need To Know About

Being Healthy & Alkaline

The benefits of being alkaline is an opportunity not just to talk about, but to experience an extraordinary, healthy lifestyle.

Click Image for More Being alkaline attempts to answer
the question of how can we prevent our health from deteriorating, or better yet, how can we regain our youth. Being

alkaline is your chance to learn how to create a level of consistent health and energy. When applied seriously, you will see the vitality first hand by the results it will produce.A major part that plays an importance in being alkaline is to hydrate your body properly. Since the water we drink provides for all cellular and bodily functions (like digestion, respiration, perspiration, elimination, etc.), the decrease in our daily water intake affects the efficiency of all cellular activity. Water is also quite possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off.

Another major part of being alkaline is simply the foods you eat. Do you ever wonder why children have so much energy? They are constantly running, playing and expending energy that seems to come from a never ending supply. We all used to be like that. Ever wonder why we've changed?

Although this change in energy takes place over a number of years, you could get a glimpse of what causes it by observing your daily activities. Take a moment to recall the last time you had pasta, steak, eggs, or a hamburger. How did you feel 20 minutes afterwards? Did you feel an almost immediate drop in energy? This is where being alkaline changes things.

These 2 important factors combined will help your body regain that lost energy and help with the causes of illnesses and diseases.

Why We Must Drink Alkaline Water
For Our Health

Proper hydration of alkaline water plays a critical role in being balanced, so you may reach your maximum health level. Click Image for More

Water is an essential and the major component of all living matter, and the largest single component of our human bodies. Water is the one substance (other than oxygen) that we must absolutely have to survive.

You need to learn to recognize and identify the signs of dehydration. Learn how to hydrate properly and what kinds of alkaline waters to use for maximum health benefits. Identify how much alkaline water you need to drink, and set a schedule for increasing your water intake to get there.

Click Image for More The purpose of alkaline water for your health is not only

hydration, but also to help flush the body of acidic wastes and toxins. Believe it or not, there are several different kinds of waters to drink. A closer look at your favorite supermarket's water section will present you with many options: mountain spring water, drinking water, distilled water, carbonated water, just to name a few.

So which one do we choose?

None of the Above!
Let's remember the reason we want to increase our alkaline water intake: to remove impurities, toxins and acids from our health system and to provide pure water for our body's replenishment.

These store bought waters are not the answer. Kangen water will provide the proper pH levels needed to be healthy and alkaline. The truth is that you never know what you are getting with the store bought waters. Most of the supermarket waters are acidic or have a poor pH level.

Water is the most important element required in establishing and maintaining a proper pH balance. Since our body is made up of 70% water, it is extremely important to constantly replenish your supply of it. The body loses 2.5 liters of water daily, just through normal bodily functions. In order to hydrate your body optimally, you need to drink water that is alkaline and mineral rich.

Click Image for More

When certain food consumption and other factors cause an overly acidic condition in our bloodstream, the body is forced to either eliminate or to store away acidic wastes in order to restore our body's critical pH health balance.

The water we drink should help us slow the process of acidic health build up by removing it, not by adding to it.

So, we must choose only the purest of waters with an alkaline pH level for maximum health.

Alkaline Ionized Water
Click Image for More

You know that drinking water is good for you, but did you know that every system in your body depends on water?

Here are 10 reasons why drinking water is good for you and why you should make drinking 8-10 glasses of water part of your daily routine.

1. Get healthy skin. Drinking water moisturizes your skin from the inside out. Water is essential to
maintaining elasticity and suppleness and helps prevent dryness.

2. Lose weight. Increased water consumption can help you control weight by preventing you from
confusing hunger with thirst. Water will also keep your body systems working properly, including
metabolism and digestion, and give you the energy (and hydration) necessary for exercise.

3. Flush toxins. By helping to flush toxins, appropriate water intake lessens the burden on your kidneys
and liver.

4. Reduce your risk of a heart attack. Researchers at Loma Linda University in California studied more than 20,000 healthy men and women and found that people who drink more than five glasses of water a way were less likely to die from a heart attack or heart disease than those who drank fewer than two glasses a day.

5. Cushion and lube your joints and muscles. Water makes up a large part of the fluid that lubricates
and cushions your joints and muscles. Drinking water before, during, and after exercise can also help reduce muscle cramping and premature fatigue.

Going Green

The beauty of Enagic's SD501 machine is that you have the opportunity to create 7 different types of Water.  The SD501 has received a lot of awards for it being an ideal green product. Here are some uses for the water

(Strong Kangen) 11.5 - Breaks down oils, throw it in a bottle to clean greasy walls and counter tops (toss your 409 out to avoid chemicals)

(Alkaline (Active Hydrogen and Oxygen) 8.5, 9.0, 9.5Meant for drinking (internal use only)

(Clean Water) 7.0 - Meant for babies under 1 year old, Filtered clean

(Beauty Water/Acidic) 4.0 - Toner for your skin.

(Strong Acid) 2.5 -  Kill 99% of bacteria in 30 seconds (no need to buy hand sanitizers, great for athletes feet, skin disorders like psoriasis, gangrene)

The Bottled Water Deception

First, we must rid ourselves of the notion that bottled water is 'purer' or healthier than water from the tap—in fact; often it's exactly the opposite. Around 1.5 million barrels of oil are used making bottled water every year, and around 90 percent of them end up in the landfills. That's enough to make any eco-enthusiast reach for the faucet.

True Facts About Bottled Water

Have you ever bought a bottle of water, opened it, then put it aside? If you took a sip later you may have noticed an odd taste to your water. This is likely because the plastic is breaking down and you are tasting the plastic. The bottled water bought at a store or out of a vending machine are made for single use only.

Ideas on How to Find the Best Re-useable Bottle

Of course a Glass or any organic ceramic bottle would be optimal, however some of us have children. Don't just buy any plastic re-useable bottle on the shelf or the cheapest you can find. Look for the recycle symbol on the bottom of the bottle to find either a 2 or 7 in or around the recycle symbol. The 2 or 7 bottles are recommended for re-use. We have found the number 7 bottles to be very durable.

WARNING: Never heat your bottles up by microwaving them or leaving them in a hot vehicle.

Which brings us to what you will need to know about the hidden dangers of re-using plastic bottles that were not meant to be re-used. Like the single use bottles mentioned earlier, they usually contain polycarbonate plastic which contains Bisphenol-A. So, when looking for a re-useable bottle try to find the bottle that says BPA Free.

WaterU is a company that we recommend for their re-useable bottles. They have Number 7 bottles that are BPA Free and their products can be found at popular stores around the globe. You may also try the H2o Aid BPA Free and 100% Recyclable Metal Bottles.

Click the Logo Below for the WaterU Web Site Click the Logo Below for the h2o aid Web Site

Click Image Below for Video

Trailer to a New Documentary Film called, "Tapped"
This is an Awesome documentary film that helps explain the Bottled Water Industry & exactly what it is doing to ALL of us.
Click Image Below for Video

Filmmaker of "Tapped", Stephanie Soechtig
says, "Get Off the Bottle!"
This is an Earth Day News broadcast, on the Early Show, of the Environmental Impact that the Bottled Water Industry has on our planet.